Monday, April 9, 2007

Would Jane Austen Blog?

Ok, so I started my blog...and I really love the ease of Blogger. But it got me thinking...given the same set of circumstances...would Jane Austen blog?

I belong to a fabulous book club. We are going on 17 years together. Many of the women I have known for over 35 years. We started this book club a few years after college as we didn't want our brains to turn to mush. This was before Oprah started her book club-we didn't realize we were trend setters. Together, we have shared loves and losses, marriages and divorces, babies and miscarriages, in-laws, parenting issues, deaths of family members, new career choices, and now we are all dealing with caring for our aging parents. These women have helped me through some of the roughest parts of my adulthood thus far.

Many authors have become favorites in our book club (or BBC to its members). My favorite author is Jane Austen. Her writing style and her story lines transcend time. I still remember reading Pride and Prejudice in college and writing a very lengthy report on the novel. This novel is responsible for my changing majors in my junior year from Social Work to English. To this day, I still relish reading the novel (and watching the BBC/Colin Firth version whenever I have 8 hours of free time).

So to get back to my question...would Jane Austen blog?

You know what...I think so. In the few novels she did write and publish, she had so much to say about society as a whole and the society she lived in. She may even have had some great party pictures uploaded to her own blog, sent video clips to YouTube showcasing the new dances at Pemberley, or added a link to Emma's own site.

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