Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bleach Brushing Technique

I have been neglecting my blog while I have been feverishly updating my card gallery website. In the last few weeks, I have posted about 200-300 cards (including several new stamp set pages) as well as linking my technique classes with example pages. If you haven't checked out my card gallery, it is worth the trip!

On the index page, there is a card using the Winds of Grace stamp set.

The technique used for this card is called Bleach Brushing. So many variations happen to cardstock when bleach comes in contact with it. For this technique, all you need to do is use a bristle brush, sweep it in some bleach, brush it over the cardstock, and let it dry. In this card, however, the bleach pooled a bit on the bottom of the Not Quite Navy cardstock. I searched my stamp set inventory for just the right image. The Winds of Grace sailboat, which was embossed on top of the dryed bleach brushing technique, was perfect! In fact, the excess bleach pool left an image of rushing waves hitting the sailboat.

However, best results happen when you are lighter to the touch with the bleach and leave some unbleached areas on the cardstock. Be sure to thoroughly rinse out all materials used when bleaching. Bleach can wreck art supplies, clothing, get the picture.