Monday, April 30, 2007

The Retirement List is Coming!

The retirement list is coming out tomorrow. Oh my gosh...I love this time of year! Demos have been itching to see the list. Will our favorite tried and true sets be on the list this year? Will SU finally get rid of those sets we just are tired of? Which mini-catalog sets will make it and which ones won't??? Which new sets from this year's catalog just didn't sell well enough to stay?

And this is just the beginning...the retired accessories list is coming out in June!

I love the cleaning out process. My customers love to purchase my used sets, and I truly enjoy clearing out my bins for the new stamp sets coming our way in July!

Looking through my card samples and separating out the retiring samples is also exciting to me. Usually my mom and my younger sister receive a bunch of them. My customers also love to get samples of the retired sets they buy. I sometimes find samples to re-use by just taking off the main retired focal point. I keep a box of these to play with when the new catalog stamp sets come in.

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