Monday, October 8, 2007

Holiday Confusion

It is October 8th...Happy Columbus Day! Halloween is just around the corner...but it will be 85 degrees in Wisconsin today. To top that off, tonight is the first night of my Holiday Cards Stamp Camp. Baking Christmas cookies in 85 degree heat with my decorative jack-o-lanterns and witches gathered around my house is a bit more than strange.

What helps me get in the mood to stamp for the Christmas holiday season is music. My family has an extremely large collection of Christmas music. We used to keep it in storage after Christmas until November 1st (when I start my Christmas decorating), but now we keep it out with the rest of our music collection. I host Christmas in July events too, so this is helpful to create a mood in July as well.

Our Christmas music collection is an eclectic mix. Vince Guaraldi's Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack is never far from reach. It is my favorite, albeit somewhat cliche, music choice. They could play it at my funeral - now wouldn't that be a hoot! Maybe even have a sad little tree on top of my casket. I am also a closet Andy Williams fan (shh, don't tell anyone). I'll never forget singing with my younger sister to my parents' records when he was a "hot" item. Other holiday music favorites include The Roches, George Winston, Bing Crosby, Bare Naked Ladies, Johnny Mathis, Il Divo, Lorie Line, Manheim Steamroller, Larry Carlton, Chet Atkins, Twisted Sister, Amy Grant, Johnny Cash....ok, you get the picture. If only Van Morrison would come out with a holiday collection!

I'll post the Holiday Cards Stamp Camp pictures this week!

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